Tuesday, December 11, 2007

For these are the days, and these are the days my friend

This was a great concert. They trimmed a few key sections (the beginning of Knee 5 and the "Mr. Bojangles" speech, for example) but it was extremely enjoyable.

Lucinda Childs was back for her female spoken-word part. It is hard to imagine anyone else in this part. Her voice is perfect for the part and it was a pleasure to watch her mannerisms.

The violinist (Tim Fein?) performed very well but had a bit of an elitist/inside joke smirk during his entrance that was rather disaffecting.

It was fun to see Melvin Van Peeples as the Judge/Bus Driver. I prefer Mr. Johnson from the original and the Nonesuch recording, but I suppose it is quite normal to become attached to the performance you're most used to hearing. Anyway, Mr. Van Peeples had his own intonations and interpretation and there's nothing wrong with that.

Philip Glass turns 71 next month but he looked just like he did when I first saw him in 1995. There were several moments during the evening when he looked rather pleased.

My seat was ideally located (row seven) and I was right next to a gentleman from Ottawa who had traveled to New York to see the show. Impressive, though not misplaced devotion to this music. After the show we agreed that our time and money was well spent.

Thanks for the birthday present Janean!



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