Monday, January 19, 2009

Get On Your Boots -- New U2 Single

Bono stated a few months ago that they were delaying the release of the new album (now due March 3rd) because the band had hit "a rich songwriting vein" and they wanted to continue to mine it for aural nuggets. (Ok, he didn't say "aural nuggets." That lame phrase is all mine.) Seemed like an excuse born in a PR session to me, but based on a few listens of the new single, perhaps he was right. Not bad boys. This one's going on a spin playlist. Now bring on the tour.

BTW, listen to it LOUD!

BTW II -- I love iTunes on shuffle mode. Once the aformentioned U2 song concluded, the next track randomly selected was a 10-second SNL clip of Phil Hartman saying "I just stepped in a big pile of sassy!" Forgot I had that. Puts a smile on my face.



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