Monday, February 27, 2006

Lights go down / It's dark...

I've seen U2 in concert seven times. April 4th will be number eight. Some thoughts over the next few days about the first seven.

November ’92 – Las Vegas. ZooTV was amazing. Very elaborate set. TV screens and dancing cars. My buddy Ryan and I drove to Vegas from Salt Lake in my dad's little red pickup. We showed up at the show and our tickets weren't at willcall like they should have been. I went to the media window and I told them I was with the local CBS TV station. They gave us photographer passes but those wouldn't get us in the show, only to the photog area. So we bought tickets from a scalper. In all the mess, we missed opening acts Public Enemy and The Sugarcubes, but ended up with good seats for the main event. I had just returned five days earlier from two years of serving a mission in Tokyo. This show was sensory overload for someone who hadn’t listened to music or watched TV for two years. I wanted more…


Blogger Ryan said...


Just saw the comments you left on my blog. (Comments are quiet there, but I eventually got around to checking them.) Sorry about the cancellation of the U2 show. Hope you had fun in Japan anyway...

I was just thinking about our trip to Vegas the other day. I was going through my stuff and found the photog pass that we got. I liked U2 at the time, but that concert made me a serious fan. (Though not as serious as you, apparently.)

Sunday, March 12, 2006 2:55:00 AM  

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