Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let's hope this works

When was the last time you went to a 3D movie? We saw one yesterday at Hershey Chocolate World and it was pretty corny. My three year old was impressed, but I thought it was a wasted effort.

So it is with some apprehension that I await the January 25th release of U23D. This Imax film purports to take the audience right into the concert experience. Having actually been in the concert experience many times, the bar will be high. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to see the show. U2 has mastered the craft of live rock and/or roll, but 3D? Do they really need this gimmick to make you feel a connection with the band?

The Rolling Stones did a 3D thing years ago and all my dad has to show for it is some paper glasses with a tongue on the side. Are Bono & The Edge bound to repeat the mistakes of Mick & Keith? Unlike The Stones, U2 is making music in their late forties that builds on their catalog and continues to be relevant to their fans. Why stoop to gimmicks to get people in the door?

The last U2 feature I saw in a theater was Rattle & Hum. It was around Halloween in 1988 or 89. There were maybe ten people in the entire theater. They'll put more marketing behind this one, but I'm skeptical that it will judged a success. What do I know though. They loved it in Cannes.

Enough of my yackin'. Let's boogie.



Anonymous DF said...

nice the porsche

Sunday, December 16, 2007 12:19:00 PM  

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