Monday, August 04, 2008

Stream of Bono-Consciousness

Rolling Stone's David Fricke had some nice things to say about U2's recent reissue of their first three albums, Boy, October and War. So nice, it seems, that Bono saw fit to write a lengthly reply. True to Bono's typical style, it's rather 'stream of consciousness' in its delivery. I liked this bit toward the end:

"You can have everything the songs, the production, the face, the attitude but still not have “IT”…U2 had nothing really, nothing but ‘IT’… For us music was a sacrament …an even more demanding and sometimes more demeaning thing than music as ART, we wanted to make a music to take you in and out of your body, out of your comfort zone, out of your self, as well as your bedroom, a music that finds you looking under your bed for God to protect your innocence…"


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