Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Food post #1: Watakushi no kioku ha tashika naraba...

While the primary purpose of my trip is to see the U2 concert, I am very excited about eating some very good food while in Japan. I'm not much for expensive food. Just a little White Gyoza and I'll be happy. (Thanks to Expatriate Kate for the succulent White Gyoza photo.)

The first time I took my wife to White Gyoza we traveled all the way to Tennocho in Yokohama from our apartment near Waseda in Tokyo. I had been talking the place up for years. It was a Wednesday. They're closed on Wednesday. I've got the whole mess on video -- walking up to the restaurant, wondering why things looked so dead, reading the "we're closed on Wednesday's" sign. Oh man. I'm getting mad just remembering it. I did get to take her there a few weeks later. All the way back down to Yokohama, but it was worth it.

I Googled "White Gyoza" a few years ago and found that they have a store in Tokyo, not far from where we lived. Oh man...

White Gyoza-ya-san, here I come. Loyal customer since 1991.
Up next: Hashigo


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