Monday, December 24, 2007

Silent Night, Election Edition

I've admired Harry Shearer's radio show originating from Santa Monica's KCRW for many years. It's fun to see him take the same style to video in this clip. (Please feel free to close the ad overlay.)

PS: Stay tuned for an historic, unprecedented and important 2008 Presidential Campaign Endorsement Anouncement from Faraway, So Close.

PPS: According to Shearer, Santa Monica is The Home of the Homeless

PPPS: KCRW is home to the best show on radio, Nic Harcourt's Morning Becomes Eclectic. I once almost quit a well paying job that I hated to take a poor paying job that I might have loved that would have put me in close professional contact with the Morning Becomes Eclectic folks. It was years before I could listen to any public radio program without a bit of regret. I'm fine now, thanks for asking.



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