Tuesday, March 07, 2006

You’re the reason why the opera is in me…

October ’05 – Dallas. Vertigo. Went with my dad again. He flew to Austin and we drove to Dallas. What impressed me most about this show was just how much it rekindled my interest in the HTDAAB album. The album came out about a year previous, but the concert caused me to listen to Vertigo, Love, Peace, or Else and Yahweh like I was hearing them for the first time. Angel of Harlem (a song I’ve never really connected with) really rocked. As did Miss Sarajevo and Stuck in a Moment.

About Angel of Harlem – they hadn’t played this one at all this tour, but a fan in GA standing just outside the ellipse held up a sign with the chord progression of the song. Bono asked him if he could play it and he said he could. The next thing you know, the guy is on stage and he’s playing along, using one of Edge’s guitars. And he’s not bad. It was a really fun moment. They’ve also pulled people up to play in LA and I believe San Francisco in the latter weeks of the tour.

Oh, one other thing, there was a segment in the middle of the show that just rocked. Love and Peace or Else (with Bono playing a drum at the front of the ellipse, taiko style, with his “Coexist” headband on), Sunday Bloody Sunday and Bullet the Blue Sky. All supper energetic, aggressive songs urging us to think about our place in the world and how we fit with others. Songs calling for peace. Very poignant part of the show. “One” was also cool. I do wish they had played Original of the Species though.

I can't believe I get to see the show again!


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