Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I felt the world could go far / If they listened to what I said

Ok, enough about food for now. Back to the tour history recap...
(Oh, BTW -- I'll have a few things to share in a day or two about my memories of being in Japan when Achtung Baby was released. Can you stand it? Can you hardly wait?)

May '97 - Salt Lake City: A decent show, but not great. We had great seats, but Rage Against the Machine was too loud and the people behind us wouldn't stop inching the chairs forward until they were digging into our legs. Rather painful. Someone put a big "2" next to the "U" on the side of the mountain. Cute! (The concert was held at The University of Utah's Rice Stadium.)

One thing I've been meaning to mention is how cool the music is that U2 plays right before they take the stage. For ZooTV it was "Television, drug of the nation" and for PopMart it was "Pop Music." Never had that tune sounded so cool!

More later...


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